In 2019, the Plinko BGaming slot machine was created by the developer for the online casino. The game process is simple – balls are launched from the top of the pyramid. Depending on which cells they fall into, the player’s balance changes.

The simulator is available for cash bets, as well as a free Plinko casino demo game. The Plinko slot has no free spins or bonuses, but offers an RTP of up to 99% and a maximum win per round of 1000 bets. From the review, the user will learn how and where to play plinko slot online, familiarize himself with the interface and features of an interesting slot.

The plot of the Plinko game

The idea of the slot machine is taken from a popular American television game show. In the telecast, participants won cash prizes for guessing the prices of goods. Casino gambling plinko uses a similar gameplay principle with incredible emotions.

The plot of the slot is simple. The participant chooses the height of the pyramid, the degree of risk. Launches the ball from the top of the playing field. The winnings depend on the cell where the ball landed. The further the hole from the center, the greater the gain.

Graphics and interface

In the casino, the slot machine is accompanied by a dynamic melody. When overcoming obstacles with balls, you can hear the sound: “plink-plink”. That’s why the game got its name. If the melody disturbs the user, he has the right to turn it off.

The developer BGaming did not create a bright design in Plinko casino game online. In the casino, the background of the slot is blue. On the left, bet history: ball launch time, bet size, payout percentage, player balance change.

On the right in the slot machine is a pyramid with white bars. Balls fall down and fall into cells of different colors depending on the level of risk. Under the pyramid are the option buttons.


Control buttons

In the slot to the right of the pyramid is Lines – a scale of lines (from 8 to 16). In the casino, the player personally sets the number of rows of bars.

Under the pyramid of control buttons:

High – high level of risk;
Normal – medium risk;
Low – low level of risk;
Min – the minimum bet (the “-” sign reduces the amount of the bet);
Max – the maximum bet (the “+” sign increases the bet);
Play – a button to launch;
Manual – manual start of the round;
Auto – automatic mode (“-” and “+” signs set the number of rounds from 10 to 1000).
The player’s overall balance is also displayed at the bottom right.

How to play a slot machine

Online casinos provide a full and mobile version of the plinko slot machine. The rules, interface and chance of winning are the same in both cases. The slot machine is launched through a computer or mobile browser.

There is a demo mode in the slot for free fun. This process is available without registration in the casino. For real bets in the slot machine, you need to register on the website and make a deposit.

Winning combinations, bonuses

There are no free spins, bonuses, jackpots and risk games in the Plinko casino. There are no winning combinations like in typical slots. Symbols are red balls.

There is no pay table in the slot machine. The player indicates the height of the pyramid, the size of the bet from 1 to 100. In automatic mode, he determines the number of balls from 10 to 1000. After starting, the balls roll down one by one, collide with each other and fall into the cells.

In the slot, the holes are of different colors depending on the risk. Frequent hits in the central cells, but the winnings are small. The farther the holes are from the center, the bigger the winnings.


The plinko bgaming casino has no analogues among slots. All rounds in Plinko are winning. However, the winnings can be smaller or larger than the bet: from x0.2 to x1000 bets. RTP reaches 99%.

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